Message of Managing Director

  26 مهر 1395

Once again we are pleased to proudly announce that we were able to conclude our year with a proven thriving business and great achievements in terms of financials, mainly due to the hard work done by all of our team members and also implementation of robust business strategies with main concerns regarding economic growth, sustainable development, climate change and global market integration.

Our outlook in the coming years is to continue in implementing innovative business strategies hence unlocking our immense business potentials both internally and globally. Our major focus will be exposing our great business and market potential to foreign investor by providing our infrastructure, management team, great resources and our vast expertise and experience. This will be achieved by establishing a blueprint for “win-win” business model for a sustainable venture to minimize risks and ensure mutual benefits, providing concrete business/investment opportunities, financial health of our corporation, ensuring the return of investment and investment protection of our future business partners.

Our major goals for attracting investment is to provide our company with not only financing for development, but acquiring new technologies, restructuring of our industry, integration into global market, better management techniques and increased access to international markets more effectively and efficiently.

The business landscape and the foreign investment in Iran has become far easier than ever mainly due to the lifting of imposed international sanctions and also very importantly the government focus on boosting the economy, exposing the market internationally, creating employment and attaining sustainable economic development.

We strongly believe that our country has the advantage of a broad domestic industrial base, technology and educated and motivated workforce, energy resources and geographical location, which gives it access to an estimated population of some 300 million people in Caspian markets, Persian Gulf states and countries further east. Iran has the right potentials to become the largest market in the Middle East, with nearly 80 million people, a majority of whom are under 30, well-educated and tech-savvy, and by the country’s energy potential.

Final Word: at BAFPCO we plan to continue in developing our infrastructure mainly, invest in innovative technologies and talented people, meet rising long-term demands while limiting carbon emissions, attract foreign investment, compete and thrive in the market in the coming years ahead.

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