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Canned Stews

Tomato Paste

Product Introduction: Tomato paste used in the preparation of most foods due to its pleasant taste and smell, flavor is suitable for meat dishes and fried. Under a kind of antioxidant called lycopene paste that is causing the red color in tomatoes, can cause radicals in the body that fight cancer and heart disease and premature aging.
Ingredients: condensed tomato juice, salt.
Package weight: 10 ± 400 g and 10 ± 850 g

Baked Beans with Mushrooms

Product Introduction: Use a variety of beans, bean family, especially in the treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure have a lot of applications. Mushrooms have long been a source of protein and vitamins, have a special role in the human food chain. Canned tomato in it is also has high nutritional value. Canned mushroom meal with bean Bandar Abbas, a nutritious meal with beans and mushrooms taste great and having a whole food and is very useful.
Ingredients: pinto beans, mushrooms, tomato paste, liquid vegetable oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar, starch, spices for
Package weight: 20 ± 400 g

Ghormeh Sabzi Stew

Product Introduction: Qvrmhsbzy of the most popular Khvrshhay Namytryn and Persian and is one of the national dishes of vegetables, pot roast, meat, dried limes and kidney beans or pinto beans are ready. Among the different kinds of dishes such as Qvrmhsbzy perhaps less food you can have a complete set of all the materials the body.
Ingredients: meat, beans, vegetables, pot roast, onion, vegetable oil, liquid, dried limes, Salt, Spices.
Package weight: 10 ± 180 g

Baked Beans

Product Introduction The most important human food grain and bean crops after the world's most important crops. Bean by having between 20 to 25 percent protein and 55 to 60 percent carbohydrate in terms of nutrition, food is very valuable. Canned tomato in it is also has high nutritional value. Baked beans delicious food, in Iran, along with onions, angelica, olive oil and lemon juice consumed and the fans are very long, especially in the cold seasons. Bandar pinto beans from the finest raw materials and as a takeaway, useful, nutritious and inexpensive can be used in places and conditions may be used provided there is no warm food.
Package weight: 10 ± 400 g
Ingredients: pinto beans, tomato paste, liquid vegetable oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar, starch, Spices.

Ghalyeh Mahi Stew

Product Introduction: Qlyh fish belonging to one of the most famous Iranian Khvrshhay southern Iran, is especially Bvshhrvhrmzgan provinces. Canned vegetables such as coriander and fenugreek to this special, Hindi sour cream, spices and tuna meat is used. Garlic and tamarinda, extraordinary taste in food has created. Knartm unique in the feed, this stew due to its rich sources of iron found in vegetables and omega-3 fish flesh tones plus for people with heart problems, is very useful and nutritious.
Ingredients: tuna fish meat, herbs, liquid vegetable oil, salt, tamarind, garlic, onion, tomato paste, water, Spices.
Packaging weight: 5 ± 180 g

Gheimeh Sibzamini Stew

Product Introduction: stew of Iranian cuisine and is popular among Iranians. Bandar Abbas to prepare canned tomato paste, chopped potatoes and fried onions, peas, meat, potatoes with lemon, dried (dried lime) or plum is used as sweeteners. This stew served with rice.
Ingredients: a piece of meat, potatoes, peas, split peas, onion, vegetable oil, liquid, dried limes, tomato paste, salt, seasonings for.
Packaging weight: 5 ± 180 g

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