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History of BandarAbbas Tuna Factory

Since year 1936, perhaps Iran is the first country to come first in implementation of new fishing and fisheries techniques using research ships and experts in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea and also it had been identifying the types of Persian Gulf aquaculture and assessing its reserves, including tuna and sardines.

setting up Ton factory in BandarAbbas

During 1936, the production of canned fish was set up at Bandar Abbas Ton factory by the Iranian fisheries organization. This collection known as Fisheries Chain Store Complex began his activity in the 1980s as the first canning factory in the country and the Persian Gulf region, in production of canned products and fish meal and canning.

In year 1973, with the expansion of its operations, the new factory was started with an area of 2 square meters and a capacity of 15 million cans a year, and the old factory was transformed into a 1200 tons refrigerator.

The activities of this complex continued until after the Islamic Revolution as the only canned tuna factory and played an important role in meeting the needs of the community.

After the victory of the Islamic Revolution and at the same time beginning the imposed war, most of its productions was dedicated to supplying the need of war.

During the years 1994 and 1995, the factory was inactive. In 1996 it was transferred to The Jahad Agricultural Employees Retirement Fund by the Iran fisheries organization.

The complex was located in the center of the city, and The Jahad Agricultural Employees Retirement Fund had also agreed to move the unit out of the city after five years of operation.

In year 2002, The company incorporated the design of the new unit into its business plan, and construction began on the new unit at Bandar Abbas Industrial City No. 2.

Renaming BandarAbbas Fishery Products Company

 In September 2003, the company changed its name to “Bandar Abbas Fishery Products”

The new Canned Tuna Bandar Abbas factory, started trial production in 2005 and at the beginning of 2006, the factory was officially put into operation with the participation of Minister of Agriculture, Provincial Local authorities and representatives of the members of Parliament.

This complex is constructed in an area of 43,000 square meters, 11,000 square meters infrastructure, an area of 23,000 square meters Landscaping and 9000 square meters of green space.

Construction of this unit has been made in accordance with current standards in all sections, and projections for future activity development are also included in the company’s development plan.

In 2012, by merging The Jahad Agricultural Employees Retirement Fund into The Civil Servants Pension Organization, the company’s shares now belong to The Civil Servants Pension Organization.

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