Dorshil tuna fish
Dershill South Fish Canned
2 اسفند 1398

Product introduction: Marlin canned fish is very light in color and has good nutritional value with a good amount of protein, minerals and vitamins. Omega is also effective in preventing various diseases. Ingredients: Marlin fish, liquid vegetable oil, salt Weights: 180 gr

BandarAbbas tuna with grapeseeds oil
BandarAbbas Tuna fish with grapeseed Oil
30 مرداد 1398

Product introduction: Bandar Abbas tuna canned in grape seed oil, is first introduced in Iran and is a special product. This product is of great nutritional value and has a special flavor and aroma due to the presence of grape seed oil and tuna. Canned tuna in grape seed oil is high in omega-3, omega-3 […]

BandarAbbas tuna in olive oil
BandarAbbas Tuna fish in olive oil

Product Introduction: Bandar Abbas Fishery Products Company (Bandar Abbas Ton) is recognized as the first producer of olive canned fish in Iran. The company also owns the Green Apple badge for its olive tuna product. Canned olives are one of the products that have attracted the attention of many families and consumers worldwide due to […]

BandarAbbas Tuna fish with vegetable oil
22 مرداد 1398

Product Introduction: Bandar Abbas Fishery Products Company (Bandar Abbas Tuna) is the first producer of tuna in Iran and its tuna product has a significant share in the Iranian market. Tuna and related products can be considered one of the richest foods because they are high in calories and protein. Tuna also has a significant […]

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