BandarAbbas Qorme-Sabzi stew
BandarAbbas Qorme-Sabzi stew
20 مهر 1398

product introduction: Qorme-sabzi is one of the most renowned and popular Iranian authentic stews and is one of the national foods of Iran that is made from herbs, red meats, Omani and red beans or chili beans. Vegetable is one of the few foods that is prevalent in Iran and is very popular among Iranian […]

BandarAbbas Stew of potato chips
BandarAbbas stew of potato chips

Product introduction: Gheymeh stew is one of the most popular Iranian food in Iran. Tomato paste and fried onions, cotyledons, red meat, potatoes with dried lemons (lemons) or plums are used as canned greens for the preparation of canned yams in Bandar Abbas. This stew is served along with the rice. Ingredients: sliced ​​red meat, […]

کنسرو لوبیاچیتی با قارچ بندرعباس
BandarAbbas canned beans with mushroom

product introduction: The use of whole grains, especially the bean family, has many applications in the treatment of diabetes and hypertension. The fungus has long been a major contributor to the human food chain as a rich source of protein and vitamins. Tomatoes in this can also have many nutritional properties. Canned Chicken Bean Chutney […]

کنسرو لوبیا چیتی بندرعباس
BandarAbbas Canned beans
27 مرداد 1398

Product Introduction: After cereals, beans are the most important human food source and beans are the most important beans in the world. Beans are a very valuable food because of their protein content of between 2% and 2% to 5% carbohydrates. Tomatoes in this can also have many nutritional properties. Beans are a delicious food, […]

فرآورده های شیلاتی بندرعباس