BandarAbbas Qorme-Sabzi stew

  20 مهر 1398
خورشت قرمه سبزی بندرعباس

product introduction:

Qorme-sabzi is one of the most renowned and popular Iranian authentic stews and is one of the national foods of Iran that is made from herbs, red meats, Omani and red beans or chili beans. Vegetable is one of the few foods that is prevalent in Iran and is very popular among Iranian people and has unique characteristics among Iranian foods. Of all the foods, there may be fewer foods that, like greens, have a complete set of all the nutrients the body needs. Bandar Abbas Vegetable Canned is produced with the most up-to-date method in the world.

Ingredients: Meat, Red Beans, Vegetables, Onions, Liquid Vegetable Oil, Omani Lemon, Salt, Special Spices

weights: 180 gr

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