BandarAbbas Canned beans

  27 مرداد 1398

Product Introduction:

After cereals, beans are the most important human food source and beans are the most important beans in the world. Beans are a very valuable food because of their protein content of between 2% and 2% to 5% carbohydrates. Tomatoes in this can also have many nutritional properties. Beans are a delicious food, consumed in Iran along with onions, rosemary, olive oil and lemon juice, and have long been popular in the cold seasons. Bandar Abbas Chai Beans are made from the highest quality raw materials and can be used as a ready, useful, nutritious and inexpensive food in places and conditions where hot food is not possible.

Ingredients: Cheese beans, tomato paste, liquid vegetable oil, salt, pepper, vinegar, sugar, starch, special spices

weights: 400 gr

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