Types of canned tuna in Iran

  26 مرداد 1398

Tuna in brine

It is a product that has no extra oil in addition to its high absorbency protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Therefore, it is a good product for people who need to consume less fat in their daily diet, including the elderly, patients with high blood cholesterol, heart disease, and those on a weight loss diet.

Tuna with natural pepper

Red pepper is a useful spice that is able to boost the immune system; Prevents heart disease. Even in patients complaining of joint pain, there are signs of pain relief after consuming red pepper. But due to the presence of red pepper in lactating women, patients with migraine headaches and children are not recommended.

Tuna in olive oil

Olive oil is rich in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, which, along with omega-3 fatty acids in fish, has all the essential fatty acids needed for the body. The sum of these fatty acids can prevent heart disease, some cancers, and heal stomach ulcers. Tuna in olive oil is one of the healthiest foods recommended for snacks for children, especially during exams and athletes who require high protein and energy intake.

Tuna in vegetable oil

Tuna in oil is the most traditional type of tuna. To make this product, they perform canning operations on tuna and no other flavorings are added except for authorized additives. Normal tuna is used in ordinary tuna oils such as sunflower oil.

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