Bandar Abbas Fishery Products Co.

Company at highlights

  • Factory Established on 1960, fist of its kind in middle east
  • State of the art and world class facilities
  • Main products: canned tuna fish, stews, fish & shrimp
  • leader in the domestic market and exporter to foreign markets
  • Company spans over 43000 square meters of land (11000 sq.m. production area)
  • Freezing tunnel; 20 tons per shift
  • Freezing storage; 3000 tons
  • 180 human resources
  • canned tuna production capacity: 45 million units per year
  • canned Stews production capacity: 25 million units per year
  • Fish & Shrimp Processing/packaging: 3000 tons per year


  • Country top exporter/producer (2011,2012)
  • Provincial top entrepreneur(2007-2008)
  • National Standard For Quality
  • Top Job creator in province (200 permanent employees)

Our outlook

  • To continue to implement innovative business strategies to unlock our immense business potentials, both internally and globally.
  • Our major focus will be to attract foreign investors to our great business and market potentials by providing our infrastructure, management team, expertise and experience.
  • Adopting a blueprint for a “win-win” business model to deliver a sustainable venture which minimizes risks and ensures mutual benefits. This blueprint will provide a road-map for business/investment opportunities and financial health for corporation while ensuring the return of investment and investment protection of our future business partners.
  • Our major goals for attracting investment are to provide our company with not only financing for development, but to acquire new technologies, restructure our industry, better management techniques and increase access to international markets more effectively and efficiently

Our Mission

  • Achieve sustainable growth
  • To offer agri-food products to the domestic and international market under the premise of maximum quality at the competitive price with leading products in our business segments (canned products, fish & shrimp );
  • Expand our presence on the local, regional and international markets
  • Plan to continue to develop our infrastructure, invest in innovative technologies and talented people, and meet rising long-term demand while limiting carbon emissions.
  • Attracting foreign investment to compete and thrive in the global market

Core Values

  • Adhere to the highest professional standards
  • put client customers ahead of the firm’s
  • 100% food safety
  • High quality products
  • Generating value for all (win-win model)
  • Strive to be the best
  • We are proud of what we do


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Address: Bandar Abbas, number two industrial estate, Bandar Abbas Fishery Products Co.

Tell: 07632561010-13         Fax: 07632561014


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